What to expect in future releases (no guarantees)?

These challenges are on my to-do list (in no particular order):
– Solve unseated stack problem when the table is coming out of the grid to the unseated stack (sitting out), grid slot stays full according to TOI;
– 2 Pixel difference in Advanced is ugly (GUI positioning thing);
– Separate stack for tournaments;
– Winsettitle instead of gui, show when not min to tray to prevent the gui from stealing focus;
– Free check (keep in grid/bring to grid);
– Automatic updates;
– Minimize to tray at startup (optional);
– Make the GUI adapt to higher than standard Windows DPI settings (>96 DPI);
– Option to have some sort of a GUI that shows total active tables, waitlisted tables, sitting out tables, etc. that also alerts when a table is auto-closed;
– Keep won in grid for X seconds (to see showdown cards);
– PixelDetect mode: Shades in variation;
– New security system (trial/copy-protection);
– Investigate the possibilty to add an all-in hotkey;
– Site: better space management (padding etc);
– Test with Euro currency tables (PokerStars), try to fix when not working;
– Auto-click timebank;
– Shortcut to turn off keyboard hotkeys for a while, so users can type safely;
– Make the table setup process more intuitive & sexy (complete redesign);
Please do not buy the software in expectation of these additions, I could bump into technical difficulties.
TOI Project discontinued because of a new career
2 May 2010
20 April 2010
– Added “Add Slot” button in “Fine-Tuning”;
– Added “Recapture Bg” button in “Advanced” which allows users to recapture their table background (when the “First Action” TOI modes and/or the new stack scanning function don’t function well because of a modified table background) without having to press “Set Stack (Slot 0)” or “Set Grid” all over again;
– The stack scanning function now also searches through the waiting tables in the stack when the top table doesn’t require action;
– Fixed tiny BB>x priority bug, stacked tables with a waiting status are now also readed for BB size;
– It’s made impossible to Set Stack or Grid when you have an action at the table (error message appears), this is to prevent TOI from capturing the table’s action buttons as a part of the table background (which causes the First Action modes to not function correctly).
2 April 2010
– Tables in the stack requiring action are now always brought in front of the stack even when a newly opened table is on top.
2 April 2010
– Fixed bug in the new stack-scanning function which caused stacked tables requiring action to get covered at very specific situations.
31 March 2010
– New TOI mode: Cards mode (sends tables to the grid once you’ve been dealt cards), doesn’t use pixel detecting but advanced hand history reading, so this new mode shouldn’t decrease system performance. You might want to enable “Keep Won In Grid” using this mode, because when you win a hand or lose at showdown, tables will return to stack for just a split second until you get dealt cards again. Please note: Doesn’t pick up the first hand at every table;
– Table requiring action (betslider visible) is now always brought in front of the stack (if one exists), meaning you can now think for a long time during grid table decisions and still keep playing in the stack;
– Added a “Stack-Scan Off” checkbox in “Advanced” to disable this new stack scanning functionality;
– Renamed the PixelDetect modes to more user-friendly “First Action” modes (also updated the site’s documentation);
– New tables that come out of the unseated stack (once you’ve taken a seat) move to the back of the stack instead of to the front (this will only work with “Don’t Redraw” enabled, this is because when PokerStars sends a redraw command to a table, that table will always end on top);
– Grid If BB >= X tables are now prioritized over action tables waiting in the stack to move to the grid;
– It’s made impossible now to enable the “Sort Grid On BB” function while the engine is running (it didn’t function properly that way);
– Copy protection system runs less often now (will act every 4 seconds instead of every engine loop), small detail, no noticable difference.
15 March 2010
– Added a new Grid Sorting section to the “Advanced” tab with 2 new features;
– Added “Sort Grid On Big Blind” function to the Grid Sorting section in “Advanced”;
– Added “Grid If Big Blind Equals Or Is Bigger Than X” function to the Grid Sorting section in “Advanced”;
– Auto-uncheck auto post BB checkbox when TOI auto-sits back in at non-fast cash game tables;
– You can now also send the Keep In Grid command to tables in the stack;
– Added visual tooltips when toggling Keep In Grid status;
– Added option to disable smart-sizing (“Advanced” tab), so that decreasing/increasing the bet size will always be with the BB size;
– Added the Delete key as an optional hotkey (requested);
– Swapped the positions of Wheel Up & Wheel Down in the hotkey assignment menu;
– “Fill Empty Slots” checkbox renamed to “Fill Gaps” & moved to the new Grid Sorting section.
15 February 2010
– Complete new system for the sitting out detection functions in “Advanced”, 100% reliable now (checks 4 tables every 4 seconds, so when 20-tabling, it would take an average of 10 seconds to detect a sitting out table (max. 20 seconds);
– Added option to specify table theme in “Setup”, this makes all table themes 100% compatible with TOI (in previous versions some left-mouse action button clicks might not have been detected at certain table themes);
– TOI now auto-detects if it’s running in administrator mode, if not, it displays a warning and exits;
– Changed the left-click detection top border (for all table themes) to also detect the top-left pre-action buttons now.
6 February 2010
– Removed the changes made to focus handling the instant hand history window in v2.00, this addition was annoying to people who have the ihh window opened all the time (it was impossible to type or do other things besides playing poker for them).
5 February 2010
– Increased the maximum allowed hotkeys per time interval to prevent error messages when scrolling big web pages/documents while running TOI;
– Instant Hand History window now stays in front of popping-up tables;
– Pressing CTRL + Home brings a table that requires action (betslider visible) to the front, this is added because sometimes new tables will steal focus in the stack;
– Increased engine performance by removing double/triple tasks on engine loops, there will probably be no noticable difference though;
– Added PokerStars logo to the GUI to make clear which TOI is running (because of the new TOI for Full Tilt Poker);
– Created a new icon for the program file from the new logo.
30 January 2010
– Added PixelDetect Smart mode (4th mode), this triples performance rate in comparison to the standard PixelDetect mode when mass-multi-tabling (>14 tables). It checks (the next) 8 tables on every engine loop instead of all tables. Users who play in PixelDetect mode and play more than 15 tables should use this new mode I think. I didn’t test this new mode, but in theory it should improve PixelDetect performance when mass multi-tabling;
– Added “Minimize To Tray” checkbox (checked by default), number of tables is displayed in TOI’s title bar again when unchecked;
– Betslider hotkeys now only change with the SB size when the betting size <5 BB instead of <10BB;
– Slightly improved PixelDetect mode’s performance;
– Fixed fatal application error when attempting to visualize more than 17 grid slots (just in case that there are 60-tablers that need that many slots);
– Fixed pop-ups appearing all the time annoyance when user entered the wrong username in the trial version (now there is a 4 second delay after every error message);
– Disabled the “Close Table” radio button for the sitting out table detection functions (until I improve the sitting out detection);
– Added more specific GUI Submit labels (technical detail), slightly improves the GUI’s response time (not that there were problems, but improvement is always good I guess);
– Setup files will not auto-open the site’s help section anymore after finishing the install procedure.
21 January 2010
– Final bug fix (already confirmed fixed by beta testers). The last bug fix update didn’t solve the problem (wrong tables moving to the grid a few times an hour when using external hotkeys or left mouse-click) entirely, this time I made sure that it’s 100% gone.
20 January 2010
– Finally found & fixed (confirmation please) the problem where the wrong table would move into the grid a few times per hour of multi-tabling. This had kept me from sleeping lately, so I’m really happy to have located it now (and I’m almost 100% positive to have also solved it). Now I can focus on improvement again (+Full Tilt support).
19 January 2010
– Fixed problem where you had to restart the TOI engine when you closed & opened the PokerStars client;
– Fixed Delete/Disable Unseated Stack button’s status not being updated after loading a TOI settings file;
– A lot of minor engine changes, stability improvements (the bug where the wrong table would sometimes move to the grid seems to be gone, I was not able to replicate it anymore, I would like to get confirmation on this);
– Fixed problem where the GUI would become auto-visible again after a while when the engine was running (when minimized to tray);
– Changed the way left-mouse click detection works, it responds a bit quicker now;
– The number of tables is now displayed when hovering the TOI tray icon (when TOI is minimized to tray);
– F=Check Or Fold option in Advanced now waits 150ms for the free check warning dialog to appear instead of 125ms.
16 January 2010
– Option to use multiple TOI settings files (up to 4) with saving, loading and renaming functions (Options tab);
– Option to not send the f5redrawtable command to tables (“Don’t Redraw” in Advanced);
– TOI now auto-clicks the OK button in the warning dialog pop-up when you close tables, can be disabled by enabling “Auto-Close Off” in Advanced;
– New Delete/Disable unseated stack button in Fine-Tuning;
– TOI now minimizes to tray;
– Relocated “Sitting Out Tables” to Advanced & some other minor GUI changes.
15 January 2010
– Fixed problem where the latest update would cause left-clicking actions to not work anymore like they should;
– Finally all external hotkey problems have been fixed (the latest update fixed the problem, but created a new one which is fixed now). Commands are not missed anymore & are sent now to the right tables;
– Fixed problem where it would sometimes load the wrong stack values on TOI startup (problem surfaced at v1.70), now there is a Set Stack button again @ Fine-Tuning;
– Fixed problem where the interface would load with black parts (when it loaded too quickly on startup);
– Some other minor fixes.
14 January 2010
– Finally fixed the mouse/keyboard hotkey problem where table movement commands are sometimes sent to the wrong tables at specific system setups. Thanks to HQuality for finding the cause of this problem.
13 January 2010
– Complete new graphical interface (redesign);
– New “F=Check Or Fold” option to keep tables in the grid when free-check warning has appeared (so the fold hotkey will work as a check/fold hotkey), please note: It will not bring tables to grid when you get a free check warning in the big blind;
– Fixed problem where certain table-movement commands would go to the wrong tables at laggy systems (got 1 bug report of this). I made sure that it’s impossible now for movement-commands to go to the wrong table;
– Fine tuning is also made possible now while the engine is running (except for slot swapping & deleting);
– “Set Slot” is done automaticly now in Fine Tuning, no more need to click “Set Slot” all the time.
11 January 2010
– Added 7 extra hot(keyboard)keys (8 total now) for betting/raising (for people who use TableNinja hotkeys with different keys for different betsizes).
– Waiting list notification pop-ups stay in front now (so that they won’t get lost behind popping up tables);
– Auto-check when free check warning dialog box appears;
– Sitting out detection fix (fixed the last issue with false detection in cash games).
6 January 2010
– The new sitting out detection function can be turned off now (also set as default on clean installs);
– TOI checks for sitting out tables every 4 seconds now instead of 8;
– Slider up/down hotkey works sexier now: Change with SB when betsize <10BB, otherwise change with BB;
– Run checkbox is disabled when a pop-up appears.
6 January 2010
– Rebuilt the Sitting Out table auto-detection function for cash games (should work flawless now);
– Built a new function for sitting out table auto-detection for STTs & MTTs (insta-detect & react on next hand);
– “Sitting Out Tables” setting in Advanced will only be applied to cash game tables, STT & MTT tables will always just sit back in (when sitout is detected);
– VP$IP Mode is now the default mode when doing a clean setup;
– Added Enter hotkey (requested);
– Warning dialog on engine start if slot 1 position is the same as stack position.
5 January 2010
– Sitting Out table auto-detection & auto-reaction, choose between: Unseated Stack (if it’s set, otherwise no action), Sit Back In or Close table;
– Relocation of GUI items (“TOI Mode” to Setup, “External Hotkeys” to Options);
– Removed tables stealing focus bug when setting stack/grid;
– Increased MaxHotKeysPerInterval to 300 (technical detail).
2 January 2010
– Added “Delete Slot” button in “Fine-Tuning” section;
– Added “Disable Auto Buy-In” function in “Advanced”;
– Fixed bug that caused WheelUp and WheelDown hotkeys to not work externally with the new “Use External Hotkeys” function enabled.
31 December 2009
– Option to use external hotkeys (disables internal hotkey execution);
– Auto Buy-in!!!, which means no more need for the 2 second delay when taken seat (so I removed that);
– Added Space & Numpad Enter hotkeys;
– Cleaned up the source code, might improve stability.
22 December 2009
– Real hotkeys, no more need for other tools (be sure to disable TN’s/AHK hotkeys);
– Added betslider hotkeys (+ and -);
– Added WheelUp & WheelDown as optional hotkeys;
– Interface change: Radio buttons for 3 modes in ‘Advanced’ (should make things a little bit easier to understand);
– Send folded grid tables to the back of the stack (instead of not inferfering with window focussing), this should solve timing-out/tables never becoming visible issues some people were having.
19 December 2009
– Added ‘Only TOI when VP$IP’ option!!!;
– Added Check/Call & Bet/Raise hotkeys & left-mouseclick detection for the ‘Only TOI when VP$IP’ option;
– Added ‘Keep Won In Grid’ option for users who want to see mucked cards;
– Much more intuitive ‘Options’ tab;
– Indication of number of tables opened in TOI’s titlebar when the engine is running;
– Changed the Sit-in/Seat Available delay from 2.5 to 2 seconds;
– Visualize buttons are temporarily greyed out while visualizing (prevents TOI from crashing when pressed continuously);
– Removed 2 second delay prior to table movement when no Unseated Stack is set.
17 December 2009
– Added extra Stack for unseated tables, when seated, table is moved to the real Stack after 2.5 seconds (so you also have some time to buy-in);
– Added 2.5 second pause after waiting list popup has disappeared, so you have time to buy-in before table movement;
– Improved system performance when running TOI;
– Complete rewrite of left-click fold detection function, should detect 100% of folds now.
13 December 2009
– TOI engine pauses when waiting list popups appear;
– Small changes to fold detection;
– Improved system performance in PixelDetect Mode;
– Added joystick buttons as Fold HotButtons;
– Relocated ‘Fast Mode’ checkbox to ‘Troubleshooting’ area;
– Added Engine Delay slider in ‘Advanced’, useful for people having CPU performance issues;
– Removed ‘Set Background’ button, detection is now done automaticly;
– PixelDetect Mode now works with any table background (also non-solid/gradient backgrounds).
10 December 2009
– Select Table Background Color for PixelDetect mode;
– Keep in Grid HotButton;
– Interface changes.
9 December 2009
– Tournament & Sit ‘N Go support!
– Limit Hold’em support!
– Pot Limit Omaha support!
– Hand History reading now fully operational for Tournaments & Sit ‘N Go’s;
– 100% of TOI’s now recognized with the new PixelColor method!
7 December 2009
– Finally, TOI has been publicly released!