What is TOI?
Table Of Interest™ is a dynamic table management application for PokerStars® that combines stacking and tiling into one dynamic environment. TOI allows you to play an insane amount of tables and still keep an eye on tables that require special attention.

How does it work?
TOI initially positions all tables into the so called Stack. Once you've decided to play a hand, it moves that table into a free slot in the predefinable Grid. The table moves back into the stack again once you've folded, won the hand or lost at showdown.
Now you can get the benefits of stacking and tiling simultaneously!

Key Features
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Works for all PokerStars® tables;
Supports all games (NLHE, PLO, FLHE, cash, STTs & MTTs);
Multi-screen support;
Intiutive interface for setting Stack and Grid positions & sizes;
Visualize your table setup;
Assign your own hotkeys, or let TOI detect external hotkeys;
Smart hand history reading for hands won & WTSD detection;
Detection (& auto-reaction) functions for sitting-out tables;
Advanced Grid sorting functions;
And many more...
Download the free trial version or watch the demo video and experience the endless posibilties of TOI yourself today!
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"I never knew multi-tabling could be this easy!"
"I moved from 12 to 24 tables without much change to my game"
"For a person who tiles, this software is a godsend"
"Supernova Elite just got easier!"
"This is simply beautiful... Definately +EV for me"
"Awesome product, payed itself in 1 session :) thx!"
"It was first time I've been able to 20+ table on just my laptop"